How to Create Windows 10 Recovery Drive

Learn How to Create Windows 10 recovery drive comes in handy once your Windows 10 computer is unable also. The recovery drive is wont to access advanced startup options that assist you troubleshoot and fix various boot problems.

Like its predecessor, Windows 10 additionally lets users simply create a bootable Windows 10 recovery USB drive and may be ready below 10 minutes on most PCs. However, before making a Windows 10 USB recovery drive, there ar some points you wish to remember.

First, a Windows 10 recovery drive ready on a 32-bit version of Windows 10 can’t be used on 64-bit Windows 10 and vice versa. thus it’s a good idea to mark your Windows 10 recovery drive using a marker to avoid confusion, especially if you’ve got multiple PCs running each 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 10.

Secondly, you don’t necessarily want 16 or 32 GB drive to prepare Windows ten recovery drive. A drive which will hold 512 MB of knowledge is sufficient. That said, if you plan to add system files to recovery drive (more regarding this in Step3, below), please use a USB drive with a minimum of 8 GB of space.

Lastly, you need to have administrator rights to prepare Windows 10 recovery drive.

Preparing Windows 10 USB recovery drive

So, here is the way to create Windows 10 recovery drive

Step 1: Connect your USB drive to Windows 10 computer and backup all information from the USB drive to a secure location because the drive are completely erased during the progress.

Step 2: kind create a recovery drive in begin menu or taskbar search box and so press Enter key to open Recovery Drive wizard.How to Create Windows 10 Recovery Drive

Press yes button once you see User Account control prompt.

NOTE: alternatively, you’ll open control panel, change read by to small icons (see below picture), click Recovery, and so click create a recovery drive option within the resulting window to launch Recovery Drive wizard.How to Create Windows 10 Recovery Drive

Step 3: On the house screen of Recovery Drive wizard, you’ll see an option tagged keep a copy system files to the recovery drive option. The option, in step with Microsoft, once checked while making ready your Windows 10 recovery drive, allows you install your Windows OS if and once needed.

Click Next button.How to Create Windows 10 Recovery Drive

Step 4: choose the connected USB drive before clicking Next button. Once again, we wish to remind you that the chosen drive are completely erased.How to Create Windows 10 Recovery Drive

Step 5: once you see the confirmation screen, click create button to start transferring necessary files and utilities to form your bootable Windows 10 recovery USB drive. The drive should be ready inside a few of minutes.How to Create Windows 10 Recovery Drive

How to Create Windows 10 Recovery DriveIf It is ready, you can view the message’s “Drive Recovery Ready“.How to Create Windows 10 Recovery Drive

Note 1: If, at any point, you get “We can’t create the recovery” message, please restart your computer once and make certain that the USB drive isn’t write protected. shut and so try launching Recovery Drive wizard once more.

Note 2: To use a previously created Windows 10 recovery USB drive as normal USB once more, please format the drive instead of deleting all files from it.

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