How to use Alarms in Windows 10

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Alarms play a keen role for time management and that we know time is money in today’s world. we will use alarms in step with our time schedule and priority. Alarm application is that the built-in application in Windows 10 it comes as default in all Windows 10 devices. we will use it, to set alarm, World clock, Timer and Stop watch.Alarms and Clock is one among the new applications in Windows 10. you’ll use it as per your wants. Let’s begin to use Alarms in Windows 10 with tutorial Get help with the way to use Alarms and Clock App in Windows 10:

How to use Alarms in Windows 10

All you wish is computer with Windows 10 built-in in it. Alarm is that the feature of a clock. In In everyday life, we use alarms to remind time, app known as “Alarms & Clocks” that is used for accessing Alarm feature in windows 10.

Alarm tab allows you to set alarms that you simply want. Following steps are for your reference to set alarms in Windows 10.

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  • Turn on any existing alarm or create a new one by clicking the “+” within the bottom-right corner.How to use Alarms in Windows 10
  • Set a new alarm name and set or change the time by clicking hours, minutes, and AM / PM.How to use Alarms in Windows 10
  • Set alarm for you wish it to occur.How to use Alarms in Windows 10
  • Click “Sound” to choose the alarm sound.How to use Alarms in Windows 10
  • Configure the snooze period, you’ll select from 5, 10, 20, 30, and hour. click on the disk icon to save a new alarm, or on the trash icon to delete.

How to use Clock App in Windows 10

How to use Alarms in Windows 10

  1. Choose World Clock, and so New + at the bottom.
  2. Sort the primary few letters of the situation, and so choose it within the list. If you don’t see the one you wish, try another location within the same time zone.
  3. Choose Compare times (the a pair of clocks at the bottom), and so choose a time on the slider at the bottom. choose a location on the map to alter that place the slider is referring to.
  4. To exit Compare Times mode, choose the back button, or press Esc.

If you wish to delete, set alarm, you simply got to choose set alarms and right click on that and you’ll delete the alarms. The deleted alarms can’t be retrieved back however is set once more following the above mentioned method.

Now once exploring this article user will feel ease in setting the alarms in Windows 10 and playing around with it

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