How to use Dynamic Lock in Windows 10

If you need How to use Dynamic lock on Windows 10 Read How to use Dynamic Lock in Windows 10. With the introduction of Windows 10 build 1703, a new feature known as Dynamic Lock was introduced that automatically locks your Windows 10 once you move away from your system. Dynamic Lock works in conjunction with your Phone Bluetooth and once you move away from the system, the Bluetooth range of your mobile goes out of range and Dynamic Lock automatically lock your computer.

This feature is very helpful for those that forget to lock their computer in public places or at their work and their unattended computer is wont to exploit vulnerabilities. thus once the Dynamic Lock is enabled your computer can automatically be fast once you can move away from your system. Anyway, while not wasting any time let’s see the way to use Dynamic Lock in Windows ten with the assistance of the below-listed tutorial.

How to use Dynamic Lock in Windows 10

Learn in the following ways that to use Dynamic lock in windows 10

Step 1: Try your Phone with Windows 10

1. Hit Windows Key + I to open Settings and then click on Devices icon.

2. From the left-hand menu choose Bluetooth devices.

3. Now in right window pane start or enable the toggle under Bluetooth.

Note: now at this time confirm to enable your Smartphone Bluetooth also.

4. Continue, click on the “+” buttons for Add Bluetooth or other Smartphone device.

5. On the Add a device windows and then click in the Bluetooth.

6. Next, select your device from the list that you wish to pair and click on Connect.

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