Troubleshooting Cortana Problems or Start Menu

Troubleshooting cortana problems or start menu are 2 of the new features that are bundled into Windows 10. however typically users face when install updates, Of when upgrade to anniversary update the beginning menu stopped operating, not open when click once more and again same Cortana additionally not opening. typically when login to window its showing important Error message begin menu not operating windows 10. And there’s only choice to sign out from windows. If you’re additionally suffering with this problem, start menu not open even when click on that or press the windows key on the keyboard. and appearance for the answer to repair this problem permanently. Here follow below steps, we’ll discuss the way to Fix Problem Cortana and start menu on windows 10. begin with basic troubleshooting most of the times an easy System restart fix the problem.

Troubleshooting Cortana problems or start Menu

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First of all, make certain that you have set up Cortana in Windows 10 properly. If when upgrading to Windows 10, you find that Cortana isn’t available in your region. Then visit windows help and support Windows 10 will assist you get why isn’t cortana available on my pc windows 10.

Check for Updates

  1. Press Windows key + I.
  2. In Settings, Click Update & security.Troubleshooting Cortana Problems or Start Menu
  3. Click Windows Update then choose Check for updates. Install any obtainable updates and restart your laptop if needed.Troubleshooting Cortana Problems or Start Menu

Update Drivers automatically

If you’re having trouble with a device, you’ll try fixing it by change the driver.

  1. Press Windows key + I > Devices.Troubleshooting Cortana Problems or Start Menu
  2. Click on Device manager.Troubleshooting Cortana Problems or Start Menu
  3. Expand driver then click it. when it click on Action > Update Driver software system > Search automatically for updated driver software system.Troubleshooting Cortana Problems or Start Menu
  4. Wait method then close.

Note: These are some best working solutions to repair Troubleshooting Cortana Problems or Start Menu on windows 10. If you have new questions or suggestions for this post, don’t hesitate to comment below.

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